Gamji ToolBox - VEI

The Gamji Toolbox aka Vocational Educational Institute, aims to bring about a re-alignment of the general mindset that skills acquisition is an option for the uneducated, the less fortunate in society and therefore looked down upon. Skills Acquisition in Nigerian has not progressed towards modernism hereby denying it the needed development necessary in any growing economy. Gamji Toolbox aims to deliver a robust all-inclusive educational experience in line with World best practices, where the youth get tutored and trained professionally and getting certified.

Recognizing the economic impact of Vocational Education in advanced countries, the line between Vocational Education and Mainstream Education is fast fading more so now that Institutions are coming to the realization that the ‘Handyman is not just a handyman’, and are fast tailoring their curricula to accommodate the training and education of various skills and fields such as Equestrian Studies, Winemaking, Viticulture, etc.

An example of Finland will be useful in this instance, where VE is free and youth from low to high income families are all eligible for a state grant. They know and value VE because it is as much of value as mainstream education to the growth of the economy of the country is. We are committed to learning and emulating these and other successful model around the world to adapt them to our own unique capabilities and resources.

With this goal oriented decision of commitment to re-building World standard and structured VEI in the North, we will empower the next generation of the so-called ‘Handyman’ by using the resources available to us, the talent that abound and a renewed vigor to seeing the commitment implemented. This would be in pursuit of establishing a competency-based framework that organizes all qualifications according to a series of levels and aptitude. Gamji Toolbox has partnered an impressive line-up of educational partners in Nigeria and abroad, recognized for their commitment excellence in the provision of a well-rounded set of skills that we want to impart to our young men and women.