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Women frequently hear ‘it’s a Man’s World’ guess what? ! It isn’t!

In recent times, there has been a silent progress in the takeover by Women of the ICT Sector across the globe. In a bid to spearhead this progression, Startup Gamji is positioned to further re-inforce this massive advantage into the lives of Northern Women.

Worldwide, 200 million men have direct access to the internet than women, this staggering statistic reveals only a minute fragment of the technology gender gap when weighed on the global tech scale.

Startup Gamji Woman aims at using every technological resource at its disposal to give the Arewa Woman that little push that will propel her into proffering innovative solutions that hinder their personal development, the community in which they live in and the country at large. Northern Nigeria has the largest number of women of the combined population of Nigeria hence putting them in the unique position of becoming the perfect Gamji Woman to kick-start a tech and skills revolution that will change their own lives and the Nigerian economy.

The Gamji Woman is a phenomenal woman who is able to juggle home life, a 9-5 job and handling a successful business, while multi-tasking daily responsibilities.

Here are a few of what the Gamji Woman is capable of achieving;

Empowerment of women

Empowering her fellow women by coaching, mentoring and guiding on how to be very present and aware in this very male-dominated IT industry.

Tech tools of their trade

To teach women about the power & use of online tools to earn a living without the need to step out of their homes.


She will foster a community-like network of diverse clusters of career women and those with skills to come together, linking one skilled woman to another, boosting and giving strength to each other.

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